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De beste Collins Practice in the Basic Skills – Maths Book 2 (Paperback) 0dNolmkf

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The second Maths Basic Skills book provides plenty of practice questions to work through to build confidence and improve Maths skills at Key Stage 2. Written by educational experts Practice in the Basic Skills Maths Book 2 saves time with ready-to-practice questions that comprehensively cover the basics of addition subtraction multiplication and division for KS2 Maths. Packed with engaging pictures and clear practice questions this handy study guide gives a strong foundation in Maths for Key Stage 2. It builds on the Maths skills learnt in Book 1. Content includes: lots of practice in number and money (addition subtraction multiplication division) time (o'clock 1/2 past 1/4 past/to minutes past and to calendar) simple fractions (1/2 1/4) simple graphs length (cm and 1/2 cm) and mass (g and kg).