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Super goedkoop The Thousand Emperors (Final Days) (Paperback) by Gibson Gary tV8JNTEv

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MUST HE DIE TO KNOW THE TRUTH? Archivist Luc Gabion is dying slowly victim of a forced technology implant while on assignment. He brought down a powerful terrorist but at great cost and this new tech brings unexpected dangers. Luc must investigate the Thousand Emperors rulers of the Tian Di's stellar empire. One of their number has been murdered and he needs to find the killer. But the technology he now carries supersedes anything he's encountered and Luc sees things he knows are forbidden. As the truth emerges he's in trouble. Any of these leaders could be guilty -- and could execute him on a whim. Worse the murder victim was brokering the coming Reunification. Two great warring civilisations separated for centuries due to unite in a new age of peace. But it becomes clear that someone will do anything to ensure that day never comes.