Valuta : 
The Bright Labyrinth is a subtle and sometimes disturbing account of how technology has impacted upon human culture. Offering a theoretical map for the future development of communication design The Bright Labyrinth draws upon architecture and film avant-garde art and critical theory military strategy and machine intelligence to guide the reader through the Digital Regime that has shaped a century of human creativity and thought. Inside The Bright Labyrinth you will encounter Edison's talking dolls the dream archi- tecture of world fairs and movie sets Japanese comic books early super- computers sex researchers zombies assassins monsters and ghosts. Ken Hollings reveals how our relationship with media and machines is far more dynamic unstable and stimulating than we have previously allowed ourselves to believe. The Digital Regime throws long shadows over our past; and it is only by looking deeply into these shadows that we can begin to understand the rapid changes taking place all around us.